Northern Minnesota Commercial Real Estate

Island View Realty in International Falls sells all types of Commercial Real Estate. Businesses with or without real estate, apartment buildings, rental properties, commercial land, commercial buildings, we sell it all! The commercial market in Northern Minnesota has been busy in the last few years. In the last two years Island View Realty has sold commercial building lot which was developed into a store, multiple commercial buildings, apartment buildings, duplex, rental homes, technology business, floral/gift shop, and a Rainy Lake Resort. Our office understands business, we analyze books, P&L’s, and have a strong understanding of pricing commercial properties based on the market and financials. If you are considering buying a business, or having your business sold please contact one of our reputable Realtors for a free, no hassle consultation. We are proud of the commercial properties we have sold in Northern MN and are looking forward to selling more businesses here!