Homes for Sale International Falls MN

The city of International Falls, Minnesota has a rich history that spans over a hundred years. Even before it was officially incorporated as a city in 1909 it was trafficked by many groups of people as far back as the 1600’s. It sits along the Rainy River, which creates part of the border between the US, and Canada. Consequently, the city has become an important hub for customs and border protection between the two countries, hence the “international” part in the name. People have been checking out the region for so long it’s no wonder why homes for sale International Falls MN are so popular.

International Falls Homes for Sale MN

Fortunately, for people nowadays it’s far easier to find International Falls homes for sale MN, then the early 1900’s. There are a host of homes available in various sizes and with far more amenities than have ever been available before. Being part of the “land of a 10,000 lakes,” you can live right on the water or on a major tract of land that’s all yours. The water is clean, the air is fresh and the scenery is breathtaking, all of which make International Falls a great place to live.

If you are interested in following in the footsteps of so many before you and make a home in International Falls, then we’d love to help. We are Island View Realty and we have our own long history with International Falls real estate, having been in the business for decades. You can browse our website or give us a call.